CMDrive project

“Non-contact microphone array for structural health diagnostics combined with active noise and vibration cancellation for wind turbine nacelle machinery”


Research area: H2020-FTIPilot-2015-1 – “Fast Track Innovation”
Project start date: [2016-03-01]
Project reference: 701002


The project goal is to establish the feasibility of the innovative use of a non-contact microphone array for structural health diagnostics by noise detection combined with active noise cancellation, for all the rotating machinery within an onshore wind turbine nacelle.

The product developed in the project will be the
ACMWind solution that is a bespoke, non‐intrusive, acoustic‐analysis CM system, which utilises an acoustic sensor array to detect faults in drivetrain components at an early stage.

Project Objectives

The rotating machinery in the nacelle has been shown to be responsible for over the 50% of wind turbine downtime. The CMDRIVE project aims to address this situation. Therefore the CMDRIVE system will potentially reduce downtime and the associated lost revenue costs by 50%.

The twin goals of the CMDRIVE project are to:

  • Extend the lifetime and improve the operational efficiency of all the rotating components within the nacelle of a wind turbine
  • Reduce the environmental noise levels caused by the turbine machinery vibration, in order to take into account the widespread environmental concerns expressed by residents in the close vicinity of wind farms.

These goals will be met by an integral condition monitoring and active noise control process.