Windchill FTA

PTC Windchill FTA (formerly Relex FTA)

plays an important role when evaluating safety and reliability in system design, development and operation. In applications where reliability and safety are paramount, it is necessary to identify all factors contributing to critical safety issues and failures in a product or system. By leveraging fault tree analysis tools, organizations can construct fault trees to assess the likelihood that an undesirable top-level event, such as a catastrophic failure or safety hazard, will occur. FTA software is an invaluable tool because it enforces the logic connecting together events that may potentially contribute to an undesirable top-level event.

By helping you construct a graphical representation of the critical issue and its contributing events, PTC Windchill FTA provides the analysis tools required to help mitigate its occurrence or impact. The powerful analytical capabilities of PTC Windchill FTA quantify system risk and reliability, helping you make targeted decisions about design, maintenance, and controls to reduce the probability of failures.

Powerful calculations. Windchill FTA supports both quantitative and qualitative analyses, providing flexibility based on requirements. A number of calculated results are available, with user options for the calculation method employed. Windchill FTA incorporates a Minimal Cut Set (MCS) engine that quickly determines the minimal cut sets and supports interactive, on-screen cut set highlighting. Incorporate common cause failures using the Beta, MGL, Alpha or BFR models and calculate Reliability Importance measures using Birnbaum, Criticality, or Fussell-Vesely methods.


Increased Productivity. Easily import tree structures from, or export calculated results to, commonly used formats like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, XML, and plain text files. Easily navigate even the largest trees with filter and search capabilities, using the standard graphical view or the compact tabular view. Auto-aligned graphical layout and automated pagination for reports eliminate painstaking formatting tasks. Create libraries to store common event parameters, or store entire branches of validated tree logic for use in other analyses.

Professional Outputs. Windchill Prediction is supplied with a range of industry standard reports and graphs. Easy-to-use Report and Graph Wizards provide complete user customization of outputs to fit your specific needs, without the need for IT experts. Once complete, reports and graphs can be printed or saved directly to Microsoft Word or Excel, and Adobe PDF.

Windchill FTA

Technical Highlights

Supported Calculations

  • Cut Sets
  • Unavailability
  • Unreliability
  • Frequency
  • Failure Rate
  • Number of failures
  • Reliability Importance Measures


Supported Gates and Events

  • Static Gates: AND, OR, Voting, XOR, NAND, NOR, NOT, Inhibit, Transfer, Remarks, Pass-Through
  • Dynamic Gates: Priority AND, Functional dependency, Sequence enforcing, Spare
  • Events: Basic, Spare, House, Undeveloped, Conditional


Calculations Methods

  • Cut set summation
  • Cross product
  • Esary Proschan
  • Exact
  • Qualitative
  • Quantitative


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Download the Windchill Fault Tree Data Sheet