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PTC Windchill Quality Solutions (formerly Relex)

PTC Windchill Quality Solutions (formerly Relex) is a suite of integrated analysis modules that can be combined in any way to suit your needs. Each analysis module can function as a complete stand alone package, or it can be used in conjunction with other modules to offer a custom solution. Visit our download page to request a free evaluation copy of PTC Windchill Quality Solutions (formerly Relex).

Because all of the tools are built on a single, common platform, you can start with one or two modules, and simply license and unlock additional modules as your needs grow. There is no need to reinstall software, reconfigure your system, transfer data, or learn a new interface. Because Windchill Quality Solution products are built on a object-based architecture and share a common database, integration is seamless.

PTC Windchill Quality Solutions suite consists of the following modules:

Reliability Prediction RBD FMEA
FTA Maintainability MARKOV

Reliability PredictionWindchill Prediction

Perform reliability analyses using globally accepted standards

Windchill Prediction provides the basis for the reliability evaluation and analysis of systems by allowing you to to estimate component and system failure rate, MTBF and reliability early in the design process. Using Windchill Prediction, you can identify the leading contributors to system failure and measure the impact of temperature, environment and stress on the system. Known as the standard in a broad range of industries, with Windchill (Relex) Prediction you can be assured you are using the trusted brand name in prediction analytics.

RBDWindchill RBD

Analyze reliability, availability and cost using advanced RBD system modeling

Windchill RBD (formerly Relex OpSim) combines easy-to-use diagramming tools with powerful optimization and simulation calculations to analyze the performance of complex, repairable and non-repairable systems. Model a wide range of complex configurations, including series, redundancy or load-sharing, then engage the powerful calculation engine to compute reliability, availability, maintainability and life cycle costs, while optimizing spares inventory and preventive maintenance intervals.

FMEAWindchill FMEA

Analyze potential failures and minimize their effects

Windchill FMEA provides a structured methodology to identify all potential failure modes of a system and evaluate their effects, enabling design engineers to introduce risk controls that prevent or mitigate their impact. Supporting a variety of industry standard formats, such as AIAG and MIL-STD-1629, Relex FMEA is equally adept at performing process, design, functional, and piece-part level FMEAs. Modify one of the supplied templates to suit your needs, or create your own completely customized FMEA.

FTAWindchill FTA

Assess the risk and reliability of complex systems through visualization and analysis

In applications where reliability and safety are paramount, Windchill FTA provides the ability to focus on a top-level event, such as a safety issue or a critical failure, so you can mitigate its occurrence or impact. Intuitive graphical diagramming combined with powerful analytical tools allow you to easily define the critical failure, its contributing events, and their logical relationships to produce a powerful mathematical model of even the most complex systems. Windchill FTA also supports Event Tree construction to model the likelihood of downstream consequences.

MaintainabilityWindchill Maintainability

Predict task-driven repair times to meet system availability objectives

Windchill Maintainability uses an industry-standard approach to organize maintainability analyses and to calculate a full range of maintenance related metri cs. By analyzing the repair metrics of your system, you can accurately predict repair times, minimize downtime, and increase system availability.  Based on globally accepted standards for reliability and maintainability predictions, Windchill Maintainability helps ensure you remain fully compliant.

MARKOVWindchill Markov

Model and analyze complex systems using state transition diagrams

Windchill Markov combines flexible diagramming tools and powerful calculation capabilities to model complex systems and calculate key reliability metrics. By considering graphical representations of system states, sequence of events and event dependencies, Windchill Markov provides fast, accurate reliability analyses for complex systems with common cause failures, degradation, induced or dependent failures, multi-operational state components, and other sequence-dependent events.


Manage corrective action processes to improve product reliability

Windchill FRACAS is a web-based system that manages incidents from diverse sources, including test and field, and captures information important for design, reliability, quality and safety. Also known as DRACAS, PRACA or CAPA, FRACAS streamlines the problem resolution process and turns individual experience into institutional knowledge that can be leveraged on future design efforts. Develop, organize and implement a closed-loop corrective action plan to address failures and prevent their recurrence.

LCCWindchill LCC

Analyze the lifetime cost of a product or system

Windchill LCC combines industry-standard or user-defined cost and work breakdown structures with a flexible equation editor to provide complete control over your life cycle cost analyses. Consider alternative designs, incorporate a range of variable types, and calculate sensitivity. By factoring in frequently overlooked items, such as cost of part failures and repairs , Windchill LCC can meet your cost analysis needs during any phase of product life, including design, manufacturing, maintenance, and warranty.

ALTWindchill ALT

Analyze acclerated life testing data to predict product reliability

Designed to streamline product development and testing activities, Windchill ALT, or Accelerated Life Testing , enables engineers to analyze data from testing procedures that accelerate stress conditions for parts or systems, causing them to fail more quickly than they would under normal operating conditions. With powerful, built-in mathematical models, Windchill ALT assists in the extrapolation of test results to real-world product failure behavior, shortening analysis time and helping to identify product weaknesses earlier than otherwise possible.

WeibullWindchill Weibull

Analyze life data throughout all stages of product life

Windchill Weibull (formerly Relex Weibull) helps you analyze many different types of life data to discover failure trends and predict failure behavior using reliability growth analysis, Weibull analysis, and related distributions . Predict failure behavior, track reliability growth or product degradation, optimize test planning, and perform warranty forecasting calculations using a friendly, intuitive interface.

What’s New in PTC Windchill® Quality Solutions 10.2

Visit our  download page to request a free evaluation copy of PTC Windchill Quality Solutions (formerly Relex).

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