Windchill RBD

PTC Windchill RBD (reliability block diagram – Formerly Relex RBD)

enable you to accurately evaluate true system metrics by providing support for redundant or parallel configurations, highly complex systems and other real-world scenarios. PTC Windchill RBD (Reliability Block Diagram) provides the reliability block diagram and phase diagram tools, together with powerful optimization and simulation techniques, that are necessary for advanced system modeling and analysis.

PTC Windchill RBD provides intuitive graphical tools and a wide selection of maintenance-related calculations to help you model complex system configurations, determine values for spares, and calculate preventive maintenance and inspection intervals while accounting for multiple facets of component maintenance.

Powerful Calculations. At the core of Windchill RBD is a highly intelligent computation engine that utilizes analytical (exact) calculations and/or Monte Carlo simulation to produce fast, accurate results. For repairable systems, account for repair resource limitations, imperfect maintenance, and onsite or offsite spares to calculate a range of maintainability and cost metrics. Optimize spares inventory and maintenance intervals to reach a specified goal of minimized costs, maximized reliability or maximized capacity.


Efficient Modeling. Quickly build simple or complex diagrams using drag-and-drop techniques in the intuitive visual diagramming interface. Create libraries to store and reuse common blocks, or entire reliability block diagrams.  Navigate large diagrams using the filter capabilities in the tabular view to quickly access individual block parameters. Utilize sub-diagrams to better organize the analysis and centralize repeat logic. Windchill RBD also supports a verification utilitity to ensure required parameter information is entered for all blocks, and that connections are complete and valid.

Professional Outputs. Windchill RBD is supplied with a range of industry standard reports and graphs. Easy-to-use Report and Graph Wizards provide complete user customization of outputs to fit your specific needs, without the need for IT experts. Once complete, reports and graphs can be printed or saved directly to Microsoft Word or Excel, and Adobe PDF.

Windchill RBD

Technical Highlights

Supported RBD Configurations

  • Series, parallel, complex
  • Standby
  • Redundant
  • Bridge
  • Load sharing
  • Subdiagrams
  • Phase diagrams
Modeling Features

  • Switching mechanisms
  • Switch delay
  • Logisitic delays
  • Conditional repair processes
  • Junctions
  • Dependency groups
  • Block and diagram library
  • Diagram verification
Supported Calculations

  • Failure Rate/MTBF
  • MTTF
  • Reliability
  • Availability
  • Expected # of failures
  • Downtime
  • Hazard rate
  • Cut sets / path sets
  • Optimized spares
  • Optimized maint. intervals
  • Confidence intervals
  • Simulation logs / visual
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Download the Windchill RBD Data Sheet