Windchill MSG-3

PTC MSG-3 Software That Ensures System Reliability For Aircraft

Maintenance Steering Group-3 (MSG-3) software allows organizations to adhere to the strict requirements for aircraft reliability mandated by the ATA (Air Transport Authority). The MSG-3 standard outlines a highly structured analysis to help identify and schedule reliability-centered maintenance tasks – or, tasks that will maximize the reliability, cost-effectiveness, and safety of the aircraft and its related systems.

PTC Windchill MSG-3 offers a systematic, step-by-step methodology to identify and schedule reliability-centered maintenance tasks in accordance with the MSG-3 standard. Context-sensitive questions derived from the standard are delivered in clear, easy-to-use, logic-enforced diagrams to guide the analyst through MSI (Maintenance Significant Item), SSI (Structurally Significant Item), Zonal, and L/HIRF (Lightning / High Intensity Radiation Field) analysis, failure effect categorization, and maintenance task selection for every system in the aircraft. Download a free, 30-day product trial to experience a powerful MSG-3 tool that offers complete integration with other quality, reliability and risk analysis tools available in the PTC Windchill Quality Solutions suite.

PTC Windchill MSG-3 Features and Benefits

  • Improve aircraft safety, reliability, and availability by ensuring every part of the aircraft is submitted to close scrutiny
  • Reduce costs by optimizing maintenance intervals and increasing efficiency with grouped maintenance tasks
  • Protect designed-in safety and reliability by preventing critical failures that cannot be detected until the failure occurs
  • Follow technology-enforced logic to complete each analysis defined in the standard
  • Perform a complete FMEA analysis with included PTC Windchill FMEA functionality
  • Leverage connectivity to Reliability Prediction, Maintainability Prediction, and Reliability Block Diagram technology hosted on the same software platform for more robust, quantitative analysis and planning


Windchill MSG-3

Download the Windchill MSG-3 Data Sheet