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Relex FMEA/FMECA was designed to handle your Failure Mode and Effects Criticality Analyses (FMECA) with unsurpassed power and flexibility. The methodology contained within Relex FMEA allows you to quickly and easily analyze the potential failure modes of your system and the resulting effects of those failures.


Various industries have their own Failure Mode and Effects Analysis standards, which are all fully supported by Relex. Aerospace and defense companies generally use either the MIL-STD-1629A FMECA standard (failure mode effect and criticality analysis) or the SAE ARP5580 FMEA standard. Automotive suppliers use SAE J1739 FMEAs, or they may use the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG FMEA), Daimler Chrysler, Ford, or GM FMEA methodologies. Other industries generally adopt one of these FMEA standards or others such as IEC 60812 or BS 5760, sometimes customizing them to meet their own requirements.

Relex supports these various FMEA standards and also allows you to customize them or create combinations to meet your unique needs.

Relex FMEA/FMECA also supports both RAC FMD-97 and HAZOP (Hazard and Operability) data. Supplied by the Reliability Analysis Center, FMD-97 data specifies component failure modes and the percentages of time that these modes are responsible for a failure. HAZOP software can be used as a method for identifying potential hazards and operability problems caused by deviations from the design intent of both new and existing processes.

Relex FMEA supports both Design and Process FMEAs. Design FMEAs are used to analyze a system design and determine how the various failure modes affect the system operation. The Design FMEA method may consist of both hardware and software, and the failure mode analysis can be performed at any level from the piece-part up to the system. Process FMEAs, in contrast, are used for failure analysis by inspecting how a manufacturing or service process affects system operation.

Relex supports FMEA analyses performed at the functional level, interface level, or piece part (detail) level. Functional FMEAs are used to analyze a system at a functional block level, interface FMEAs are concerned with the inputs and outputs of the various assemblies, and piece part FMEA/FMECAs look at the individual components. You may plan to perform your failure mode analysis at one of these levels, or you may perform a portion of your analysis at one level and other portions at other levels. In other cases, you may be required to initially perform a functional FMEA, and then later progress to an interface FMEA, and finally progress to a piece part FMEA/FMECA. Relex supports analyses at all of these levels.


Failure Mode Effect - FMECA

The flexible criticality matrix allows easy identification of the most critical failure modes their distribution

Relex FMEA also has access to failure rates calculated by the Relex Reliability Prediction module. Any time these failure rates are updated, the changes are instantly taken into account in Relex FMEA. In addition, as you add components to Relex FMEA, failure modes are automatically assigned using the built-in modes libraries. This not only provides tremendous time savings, but also improves consistency throughout your analysis.

A FMEA analysis consist out of various file types e.g. Input Format File, Modes File, Phrases File, FIN File, Mission Profile File. With Relex FMEA you can calculate the following parameters:


Mode Failure Rate, Failure Mode Probability, Failure Effect Probability, Mode Criticality, Criticality Rank.


Relex FMEA also supports criticality assessment through Risk Priority Numbers (RPN), criticality ranks, risk levels and failure mode probability calculations.

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